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He was born in California as Timothy William Burton (25.8. 1958). He is a famous filmmaker of many enthralling movies.
He has made many film like: Big fish (2003-> a story of friendship between father and son), Edward the Scissorshand(with Johnny Depp in the lead role), Ed Wood, Nightmare Before Christmas(animated musical), Sleepy Hollow(with Johnny Depp as young scientist Ichabod Crane) and my most favourite - Sweeney Todd -> It is the bloody musical about the demon barber of London's Fleet Street-Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) and poor Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter). I love this film because I love music and blood (in films).
When he was young he attended Cal Arts Institute, which cooperated with Disney studio and after his studies he worked there as am animator.
Tim Burton lives with actor Helen Bonhan Carter. They have two children -daughter Nell and son Billy Ray.
Johnny Depp is his old friend and is the godfather of Tim's son.

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